Why remotor your brass locomotive?

If you plan on converting your older brass locomotive with an open frame motor to DCC, replacing it with a can or coreless motor is necessary.

    • DC can motors consists of an outer stator, typically made of either a permanent magnet or electromagnetic windings, and an inner rotor made of iron laminations with coil windings.

    • DC coreless motors do away with the laminated iron core in the rotor. Instead, the rotor windings are wound in a skewed, or honeycomb, fashion to form a self-supporting hollow cylinder or “basket.”

More information about can and coreless motors can be found here.

The Scale Brass Mechanic specializes in remotoring the following types of steam locomotives:

  • Rod locomotives

    • Single

    • Articulated

  • Geared locomotives

    • Shays

    • Heislers

    • Climax

    • Willamette