Running Gear Tune-up (Do you need one?)

  • Do you have a brass locomotive with a hitch in it's giddy-up?

    • Your locomotive may require lubrication

    • Drivers may need to be quartered (see below)

    • Side rods may be bent

    • Crosshead guides may be mis-aligned

  • Do you have a brass locomotive that shorts out while trying to run down the track?

    • This is caused by the insulated metal wheels on the locomotive or the tender touching the brass frame.

  • We can perform any type of tuning or repair to make your brass locomotive run smoothly

    • Evaluations and estimates available

    • Work is charged on an hourly basis, with a minimum of one hour


  • Steam locomotives must have their drivers properly quartered to run smoothly.

  • Quartering means the drivers' crank pins on one side of the locomotive is exactly 90 degrees ahead of the crank pins on the opposite side.

  • More information about steam locomotive quartering can be found here.